Annie-Paule Quinsac

Segantini Catalogo generale

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The themes of the humble life of peasants transposed into grand mountain settings in the painting of a great protagonist of Italian Divisionism.

[Segantini / Catalogo generale] Isolated in his disdain for all schools, Segantini lived on the edges of two cultures, those of Italy and Switzerland, though he was one of the most original artistic forces of the late 1800s in Europe.
In just over twenty years of activity, conducted mostly in the Swiss Alps, he developed a language capable of portraying the harsh light of high altitudes and a pantheist vision of nature couched in increasingly rigorous classical terms. The divisionist technique was the method with which he grasped the reality of the Alpine landscape to express its essence, to the point of transforming it into symbolic visions.
The two volumes, making use of thorough documentary research, present the complete work of the artist, catalogued and analyzed in historical and critical terms. The author reinterprets the figurative themes of the artist through reconstruction of the historical, intellectual and human climate in which they developed.

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