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Publishing projects in partnership, integrated communication projects, publishing expertise and commissions.

Our Special Projects division has years of experience in working with and for companies, institutions and private individuals, offering services which range from the planning and execution of publishing projects in partnership to designing communication projects and publishing commissioned works, some of them exclusively for company use.

Our customers include companies and people from many different walks in life and many different sectors, dealing with a very broad range of subject matter, from design to fashion, the world of architecture, food and wine, the arts, promoting destinations and much more.

As publishers we work closely with our clients (under our Electa, ElectaKids, Mondadori and Rizzoli brands) on projects where the history, values and products of a given brand are the protagonists of in-depth studies. And today, thanks partly to the addition of Rizzoli Illustrati publishing, we can place our unique market position at our partners’ disposal, with an unrivalled range and quality of services and expertise for books which reach their target audience both in Italy and worldwide.

The books we publish are not necessarily merely designed for promotional purposes within the companies that commissions them; they may also be distributed and sold in bookshops in Italy and worldwide, therefore we take the greatest care over our promotional policies and press releases.

Many household names have already commissioned us to realise original projects to capture the essence of their values and our tailor-made service can provide the necessary expertise for every step of a publication or merely for certain specific stages; from the initial concept to the search for illustrations and commissioning and realising a photographic campaign, to choosing the right authors, identifying the right choice for the art direction, engineering the product, printing, launching it and organising the marketing campaign together with a communications and events plan.

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Special Projects
Mondadori Electa’s Special Sales office arranges discounted prices on the books in our catalogues for companies and individuals who wish to place large orders. We also offer customers a service providing personalised copies of the volumes they wish to purchase.

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Special Sales
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