Mondadori Electa

About us

Part of the Mondadori Group with Electa, Mondadori and Rizzoli, Mondadori Electa publishes art books and exhibition catalogues, fiction and children’s books, and illustrated books ranging from reportage to fashion, design, music, cinema and cooking, together with tour guides.
Mondadori Electa is also well-known as a leading organiser of exhibitions and general service provider to museums and other bodies.
Yet another area of business involves publishing books and entire series for distribution with newspapers and magazines, both in Italy and for the international market.
Mondadori Electa also curates publishing projects on commission from companies worldwide.

The Mondadori Electa digital division publishes e-book versions of many of the titles in our catalogue, as well as apps for iOS and Android devices.
Mondadori Electa is UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certified by Bureau Veritas Italia SpA.
Our books and catalogues can be purchased directly from this site, from on-line stores and in all leading bookshops in Italy and worldwide.
Since 1945
Electa has been an acknowledged leader in the various sectors of the visual arts for over 60 years, thanks to our innovative publishing initiatives, academic rigour, signature graphics and top quality illustrations which have helped build the history of illustrated publishing.

Electa is the leading player in the visual arts publishing sector in Italy with our huge catalogue and broad range of series, but also thanks to the sheer quality of our publications and our ongoing work with museums and galleries in a variety of fields.
Electa, Museums and Events
The experienced Electa team expertly organises large-scale events and exhibitions in general, as well as curating and publishing exhibition catalogues, working with leading public and private organisations throughout Italy. Our Exhibitions and Museums division handles everything, from marketing and communications to the production and sales of merchandising and all ancillary services, including the management of onsite bookshops.

Mondadori Electa museum bookshops offer specialist publications, both from Electa itself and other Italian and international publishers, together with artwork, stationery, apparel, cards and gifts.

The main mission of our Exhibitions and Museums division is to guarantee the success of an event, the academic quality of the research undertaken and the educational value of works of art through a range of tools and cultural management techniques, as well as constantly honing the services we provide.

Today Electa is market leader in the field of publishing architecture, with a reputation built on decades of acknowledged international excellence.


Art, Art History and Photography

Over the last few years Electa has significantly increased the number of publications it produces in the field of art, art history, illustrated volumes and photography. This new trend includes biographies of artists, art patrons and collectors gathered together in the ElectaStorie series, together with works dedicated to great photographers, such as Steve McCurry and the ElectaPhoto series.


Books for Children and Younger Readers

Electa also publishes illustrated books for children and fiction for younger readers. The ElectaKids series has won the Andersen Award twice, in 2013 with Mappe and in 2014 with Perché il cane ha il naso bagnato.



The Mondadori Electa photographic archive is a unique resource in the field of the arts on a European level, with over 500,000 colour and black and white images depicting paintings, sculptures, architecture, works of fine and decorative art and archaeology.
Our Mondadori Portfolio photographic agency promotes, licenses and distributes images from the Electa archives, including those of works from Italy’s leading museums, thanks to an agreement with the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Tourism.
Traditions and New Trends
Mondadori merged with Electa in 1998, bringing a broad selection of titles ranging from memoirs to the world of entertainment, food, hobbies, sport and lifestyle, well-being, gardening and tour guides. Mondadori is also well-known for its iconic volumes on landscapes and photography.

The success of the Madeleines and Webstar series
Mondadori-branded Electa publications stand out thanks to their ability to be on trend, a characteristic that has inspired the birth of several new series over the last few years.
Madeleines Mondadori
Madeleines Mondadori
A publishing success story from fields as far-flung as fiction and biographies, in particular portraits of leading chefs and famous figures from the world of culture, entertainment and the international glitterati, all in the Madeleines series.

Another Mondadori success, with titles running through several editions, is the Webstar series, where cult figures from the web tell their tales, offering a new platform to Youtubers and bloggers to relate to their followers through books.
Rizzoli, the publishing house founded by Angelo Rizzoli in 1927, launches its Art Classics in the sixties, an illustrated series on painting with a complete catalogue of each artist’s works and their intellectual and historical contribution to art. Since then Rizzoli’s illustrated volumes have steadily gained in visibility both in Italy and abroad, helped by the opening of a Rizzoli bookshop in New York and the works published by Rizzoli International Publications for the American market.
Rizzoli is a well-known brand worldwide, particularly appreciated for its prestigious illustrated volumes, with successful ventures into the fields of fashion, art, design, music, sport and illustrated biographies. Rizzoli is also specialized in business services “tailor-made”, attended exclusively for private italian and foreign companies.