Bookshops and merchandising

Electa publishing house has almost thirty years experience in managing bookshops for museums and exhibitions, an experience rooted in Italy’s first great exhibitions in the eighties in Milan and Venice and consolidated with the opening of the superb Stirling pavilion in the Biennale Gardens in 1991. These initial experiments were confirmed as Italy began to outsource its ancillary services in museums to private enterprise, allowing Electa to build an unrivalled national network of bookshops in leading exhibition centres and archaeological sites.

Whether lavishly housed in the great museums of the 20th century or in the Roman Forum, artistically arranged by leading contemporary designers or crammed into a cubby hole next to the ticket office, our specialist Electa bookshops provide visitors with everything they need for a visit to that particular site, from postcards to fridge magnets, prestigious art books and the latest offerings from international publishers.