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Pellizza da Volpedo Catalogo generale

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A great protagonist of Divisionism, combining naturalistic subjects with symbolic overtones: to go beyond pure representation of reality, to convey the progressive currents of contemporary society.

[Pellizza da Volpedo / General catalogue] Born in a small town near Alessandria, Giuseppe Pellizza chose to live far from the European cultural capitals of the late 1800s, in an isolation that reflected his need for reflection and independence.
At the same time, he “nourished himself” through travel and continuous communication with the most important art centers in Italy, where he often took part in major exhibitions and events.
His production was always marked by profound critical commitment, allowing him to achieve results of international stature in the context of the Divisionist technique utilized in a flexible way to convey contents that gradually intensified in their relationship with reality, their symbolic interpretation of nature and human life.
The volume presents the complete work of the artist, both paintings and graphic works, bearing witness to the creative unity of a progressive, continuous labor of reflection and reworking.

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