Francesco Bonami

Mamma voglio fare l’artista! istruzioni per evitare delusioni

Mamma voglio fare l’artista!
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In this entertaining, enthusiastic and unique handbook rather like a modern-day Virgil, Francesco Bonami leads budding artists through the Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise of the world of art.

What does deciding to become an artist involve? Are you born with artistic skills or do you acquire them?What sacrifices will you have to make? What strategies should you employ?
When is the best time to begin?

All questions which art critic and former artist Francesco Bonami tries to answer in this useful handbook. Here, as in all his other books, he mixes the serious with the amusing, the useful with the paradoxical, and the venom of criticism with the sugary sweetness of emotion.
Can one really decide to devote one’s life to a career which is as marvelous as it is difficult, and as full of promise as it is brimming with potential disappointments? Is there a mafia in the world of art? To what extent do talent, cunning and the ability to find one’s own way bravely without fear of failure count?
In this short book, rather like a modern-day Virgil, Bonami leads budding young artists through the Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise of the world of art. Will he succeed in changing their minds or in encouraging them to pursue something different?
The only way to find out is to read this entertaining, enthusiastic and quite unique handbook.

An ironic, sometimes stinging, yet always playful and frank account, in which Francesco Bonami also reveals a great deal about himself.

13 x 18
paperback with flaps
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