Francesco Bonami

Il Bonami dell’arte Incontri ravvicinati nella giungla contemporanea

Il Bonami dell’arte

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Francesco Bonami is undoubtedly the enfant terrible of the art world. He's one of the most authoritative, popular critics and curators in the international scenario. Using simple, non-specialist language which his audience finds easy to understand, he talks about the lives and the works of the contemporary artists he has met. A compelling view of contemporary art achieved through a trip around the world.

The author describes his encounters with 80 players from the contemporary art scene (artists, gallery owners and critics) from the 5 continents: the ones whom he thought would become famous, the ones who did become famous, the ones who got lost on the way, the ones who didn’t live up to his expectations, the ones who abused their talent, the ones who ruined their fame. An interesting, up-to-date overview, which tells us how globalization has also affected art, with new scenarios and cultural centers for creative activities that would have been unthinkable only a few years ago, from India to Korea, from the Gulf states to New Zealand. Here is the complete list of the artists and companies /galleries mentioned: Kentridge, Tayou, Rirkrit, Korkrit, Etti Abergel, Avner Bengal, Kapoor, Irwin, Armeno manifesta, Artista di belfast manifesta, Shirana Shahbazi, Huang Yong Ping, Yan Pei Ming, Korea, Korea cartoons, Korea keys, Koo Jeong A, Elido Georgie, Sisley Jafa, Marepe, Kcho, Khoury, Saposnikov, Aki Cappuccino, Michael Asher, Piotr Janas, Althamer Posaceneri: Althamer, Theaster Gates, Orozco, Ortega, Silva Cileno, Txuspo Poyo, Barcelo, Niedermayer, Stingel, Olafur, Ragnar, Ian Kiar, Berlinde, Hirsshhorn, Shirin Neshat, Herzog, Murakami, Sugimoto, Cattelan, Esko Manniko, Beat Streuli, Fischli, Anzinger, Byars, Subreal, Jasansky and Polka, Sam Taylor Wood, Demand, Kabakov, Althof, Solakov, Igor Svetlana, Chinese Video All Look, Amit Goren, the Biennale Red Bus, Pastor, Diamond, Francese Disegnini Delta, Ondak, Adel Abdessemed, Anri Sala, Doug Aitken, Gabellone, Fisher, Hassan Khan, Cady Noland, Chapmans Visit Hell, McCarthy, Uklanski, Ray, Etrog, Schütte and Toomik.

13 x 18
paperback with flaps
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