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Livio e Piero Castiglioni Il progetto della luce

Livio e Piero Castiglioni

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The first complete monograph on the work of Livio and Piero Castiglioni, leading figures in the design of lighting and sound communications.

[Livio e Piero Castiglioni. Designing light] As a result of the success of recent publications in this field, Electa has created the new series “Designers”. The first complete monograph is on the work of two of the leading figures in the design of lighting and sound communications. Livio Castiglioni founded, in the 1930s, together with Caccia Dominioni and his brother Pier Giacomo, the famous Castiglioni design studio. In 1970 his son, Piero Castiglioni (born in 1944), began experimenting with lighting design, becoming an international point of reference for this sector. His work on many exhibitions and museum events, and the definition of a language of light as a form of interpretation of architectural design, have led to a vast family of lighting systems and objects: from “Scintilla”, the lamp designed with his father Livio in 1972, to the recent collaborations with Fontana Arte and I Guzzini. His work ranges from the design of lighting devices for important manufacturers to the creation of lighting for exhibitions and new works of architecture. Recent works include the lighting for the exhibitions and events at Palazzo Grassi in Venice.

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