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The volume explores the works of the protagonists of design, the most "trendy" expression of 20th-century creativity.

Design is undoubtedly the most “trendy” expression of 20th-century creativity as proven by the growing success of exhibitions and fairs in this sector, as well as the flourishing field of “vintage design” and design collecting. Many of the objects seen in this book are a part of the homes and habits of all of us, and this creates a pleasant correspondence between the book and “reality”. Industrial design began to spread rapidly starting in the 1920s, to the point of causing an authentic revolution of forms, expectations and objects. This was the beginning of the extraordinary, fertile adventure of design, certainly one of the most intense expressions of contemporary creativity. With the expert guidance of Decio Carugati, the renowned scholar and writer, the volume gathers and illustrates that objects that have become known as milestones in the evolution of design, in a wide range of materials, passing through changes in taste, needs and technologies. The structure of the book brings out the figures, personalities and works of the protagonists of design: painters, at first, then architects, and finally professionals in their own field, whose creativity has a precise impact on our everyday domestic landscape.

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