Food Design in Italia wins the Compasso d’Oro award

"Food Design in Italia. Progetto e Comunicazione del Prodotto Alimentare", published by Electa architettura, has won the XXV Compasso d'oro ADI award

Yesterday the international jury of the XXV Premio Compasso d’Oro ADI awarded “Food Design Progetto e Comunicazione del Prodotto Alimentare” the PREMIO COMPASSO d’ORO ADI in a ceremony at the Sforza Castle in Milan, Italy. The jury motivated their decision saying “Food in Italy is acknowledged as an excellence worldwide. This book illustrates how Italy has earned its leadership in this field. The recipes, equipment and tools used in food preparation underpin a system which must be safeguarded and handed on, not just abroad, but also to future generations of Italians”.

The first book to study and explain food product design as part of an overall system, ranging from concept design to production and distribution through to communication and consumption.
The story of each product (pizza margherita, San Daniele cured ham, tinned tomatoes, pasta, Mio processed cheese, Motta panettone and many more) is explored in detail. Each step is fully explained, from the original product concept to its final form, the packaging, the communication strategy and the advertising campaign, without losing sight of the impact these foodstuffs have had on consumption and people’s daily habits, together with the role of the manufacturers and the major players.