La luna sul Colosseo
Special initiatives


La luna sul Colosseo

14 may – 29 dec 2018

Special initiatives


La luna sul Colosseo

14 may – 29 dec 2018

La Luna sul Colosseo, the enchanting night tours of the Colosseum, its hypogeum, galleries and internal arcades, run from Monday 14 May to 29 December 2018. The tours, in English and Italian are available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and last 75 minutes.

As usual the visit begins in the arena, which offers a bewitching view of the lit-up galleries and archways, and a glimpse of the hypogeum below. Here visitors can learn about the spectacular gladiatorial duels, the hunts and the shows formerly held in the arena, as well as the history and construction of the monument. The visit continues to the underground hypogeum, where the gladiators and wild animals would wait for their turn to dazzle the crowds eagerly awaiting them. The guide also explains the mechanical details of the lifts which carried the men and animals up into the arena from the hypogeum.

The visit ends with a superb view of Constantine’s arch and the columns of the Temple of Venus and Roma from the second tier of arches.

Start date
Monday 14 may 2018

End date
Saturday 29 december 2018



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17 tours a week, in Italian and English.

14 May – 29 December 2018

full 20 euros
reduced 18 euros

From 8 pm to Midnight
(tickets available from 8 pm to 10.40 pm)

Information and advance sales
tel. +39.06.39967700

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