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Ephimera Dialoghi sulla moda

26 oct 2019 – 21 mar 2020

Fashion in its countless facets is the protagonist of Ephimera. Fashion Dialogues, a cycle of ten encounters open to the public on Saturday mornings, which will be addressed by some of the most famous creative directors, artists, essayists, scholars and journalists in the sector.
An ideal sequel to Mythologica, a cycle of encounters on myth held last year that, while seemingly dealing with “classical” themes, offered moments of discussion and reflection about today’s society, Ephimera explores various aspects of contemporary fashion.
The project highlights fashion understood as a set of codes that manifest and communicate tastes and trends, in a dialectic between individualism (self-expression) and conformism (adherence to collective tendencies). But also fashion as a language of signs, as artistic expression, without neglecting classical subjects such as androgyny or dandyism and its links with cinema, literature and photography.
Download the poster here with the programme (in italian).

Start date
Saturday 26 october 2019

End date
Saturday 21 march 2020

Curia Julia
Largo della Salara Vecchia, 5
00184 Roma
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Admission to all events is free, subject to availability (with 100 seated and 30 standing) by reservation starting from 7.30 am the previous Monday. ephimera@mondadori.it

Any programme changes will be promptly communicated via web and social media.


Curated by
Sofia Gnoli

Promoted by
Parco archeologico del Colosseo, organization by Electa