Orhan Pamuk

Born in 1952 in Istanbul, he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2006. His works, which are published in Italian by Einaudi, include My Name is Red (2001), Snow (2004), Istanbul (2006), The Museum of Innocence (2009), Cevdet Bey and His Sons (2011), The Innocence of Objects (2012), A Strangeness in my Head (2015) and The Red-Haired Woman (2016). Pamuk's stories investigate the melancholic soul of his native city and they seek out new symbols that represent the bonds and clashes between different cultures. He set up a real museum in Istanbul to house the objects accumulated by Kemal, the protagonist of The Museum of Innocence, as part of his amorous obsession for the young Fusun.

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    Grazia Toderi, Orhan Pamuk

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