Sandro Lorenzini. Scultore della terra / Sculptor of the Earth Da Savona al mondo / From Savona to the World


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“If there are stories, they deserve their place, written by the eyes of the beholder. I will only have put a bit of mystery and silence in the works, which is like a blank sheet of paper, like an infinite space, merely conceived in thought, which is still and stands, motionless, out of time” Sandro Lorenzini.
This is the catalogue of the first public exhibition dedicated to the Savona-born master in his hometown since 1986.

Born in Savona in 1948, set designer and sculptor, Sandro Lorenzini chose ceramic art as his peculiar means of expression, privileging size from the outset and focusing on the direct relationship between the works and the spaces that house them. Large site-specific installations have constituted his most distinctive expressive dimension. The quality of his creations and the very high level of his technical research have made him famous, and several of his large-scale works have been acquired by important museums around the world.

The mythological and mysterious figures created by Sandro Lorenzini have chosen the evocative spaces of the Museum of Ceramics in Savona to manifest themselves, in an exhibition that fits harmoniously and respectfully into the majestic architecture of the ancient Monte di Pietà building. Twenty-two previously unseen sculptures, glittering with enamels and precious metals, forged in the kilns of the Studio Ernan Design in Albisola, open an exhibition designed to showcase Lorenzini’s latest creations and a selection of historical works by the artist born in Savona in 1948 who developed his art through a constant confrontation with contemporary Italian, American and Japanese masters.

Realised during the first months of the Covid pandemic, when the world we knew (along with all our certainties) began to waver, these ceramic sculptures embodied for Lorenzini a possible response to the cyclical crisis of mankind: the intervention and return of ancient divinities, with all their whims, caprices and provocations.

The exhibition catalogue, a bilingual Italian and English edition, contains critical texts by Luca Bochicchio and Daniele Panucci, curators of the exhibition, Irene Biolchini and Riccardo Zuffo, with photographs by Jorge Felix Diaz Urquiza.

Italian/english edition. Translation by Stephanie Carwin.

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Bilingual Italian/English