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The first monographic work about Nieto and Sobejano, two Spanish architects, whose undisputed talent has led them to play an important role in the modern international architecture scenario.

Having graduated from the University of Madrid in 1985, Nieto and Sobejano set up the architectural studio which still bears their name. Very quickly they were recognized as being two of the most gifted and promising young architects on the scene, and not only in Spain. They designed some of the most difficult and representative buildings in the field of museum design. This fact led to Nieto and Sobejano being faced both with the theme of recovering and restoring historic buildings, and creating new buildings. At the same time, this enabled them to demonstrate their skill as designers of exhibition space. Through their restoration of the Castillo de La Luz in Las Palmas (1999-2004), the Museum of Madinat al-Zahra near Cordoba (1999-2009), the Centro de Creación Contemporánea also located in Cordoba (2005-2011) and the San Telmo Museum in San Sebastián (2005-2011), Nieto and Sobejano have gradually enhanced their professional record with a series of projects which show that they have a rare talent for interpreting very different design opportunities in an original way, without abandoning the style that typifies their work. This style can be summarized as respect for dimension and the capacity to make every building the result of individual interpretations of the specific parameters and situations of which each architectural project is the result. In unusual ways, the measure of which their works are expressions blends successfully with the creative skill which the two Spanish architects compose their spatial organisms and use certain materials.
Running through the list of works by Nieto and Sobejano, it is surprising to see how many museums and buildings created to house cultural institutions have been designed by them.

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