Nature and Environment

Pia Pera

Il giardino che vorrei

photographs by Cristina Archinto

Il giardino che vorrei
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An exciting book by an expert for gardening enthusiasts, filled with practical advice on how to create a delightful garden in various settings and all seasons.

[My Dream Garden] In this volume Pia Pera helps the reader to create a dream garden in climates and settings that could not be more diverse: from the shady garden to the water garden, from the Mediterranean garden to the alpine garden, from the country garden to the town garden. In nine thematic chapters the author not only tells us about herself but also how to create a charming garden filled with plants and scents adapted to the existing surroundings. The photographs of the gardens accompanying Pia Pera’s texts were taken by Cristina Archinto especially for this book. The delightful corners and details of flowers and plants are visually striking, and everything is designed to work in a realistic, “common or garden” setting. This only goes to show that even a garden that is damp, shady, overgrown or suffocated by the city can be transformed into a natural paradise. Each chapter is followed by practical hints, precise indications as to the most suitable plants, and all the botanical information a keen gardener could need.

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Nature and Environment

Out of print
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