Thiago Castanho

Cucina brasiliana

Cucina brasiliana
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To many, Brazilian cuisine is a mystery. Brazil is an immense country with numerous ethnic influences and different climates. Like every other country in the world, it has its own typical dishes and a vast range of regional cuisine. In this book, Thiago Castanho, the famous Brazilian chef, reveals his recipes and other secrets of the cuisine of this fascinating country, to encourage readers to learn more about its culinary treasures.

The book contains many recipes: some from the family tradition, others created by Chef Thiago, others still by Brazilian chefs from different regions of the country, people who, by combining their love for traditional cuisine with contemporary vision, are doing stalwart work. The recipes are accompanied by brilliant, interesting, high-quality photographs which highlight the characteristics of Brazilian food, always bursting with color and flavor. As well as recipes, the book gives advice about authentic Brazilian ingredients and alternative ingredients that are easier to find, so that everyone can ‘cook Brazilian’, according to the fish and vegetables available. Many Brazilian products can be found in supermarkets all over the world while others can be found in specialist shops or ordered on the Internet. Brazilian cuisine has become a kaleidoscope of different flavors and cooking methods, the expression of a new mode of cuisine which is still trying to establish an identity. It has started to interact with other outside influences, brought into the country by European and Asian immigrants attracted to Brazil by the opportunities offered due to the increasing level of industrialization. The chefs who present their work in this book are just a tiny part of the dynamic, constant movement which is gaining momentum with the appearance of nouvelle cuisine, and the dialogue with other cuisines.

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