Enrico Colle, Angela Griseri, Roberto Valeriani

Bronzi decorativi in Italia Bronzisti e fonditori italiani dal Seicento all'Ottocento

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After Empire Furniture and Baroque Furniture, the volume on decorative bronzes, decor protagonists in Italy from the 1600s to the 1800s.

[Decorative Bronzes in Italy / Italian bronze-makers and founders from the 1600s to the 1800s] “Certain chapters in the arts are precious reminders that the great artist is also always a craftsman or, if you will, a maker of artifice.” This quotation from the illustrious scholar Alvaro Gonzáles-Palacios opens the present volume, pointing out the need to focus more closely on an area often relegated to the margins, that of craftsmen and workshops, places and people that have produced, for example, beautiful works in bronze, protagonists of interiors, demanded by a society increasingly attentive, in the modern age, to the nuances of interior design.
This volume, much appreciated by antiquarians and collectors, reports on the state of study and knowledge on decorative bronzes starting in the 1600s, cataloguing 126 pieces with detailed comments and historical profiles, including many references, comparative images and bibliographical notes.
The illustrations are photographs commissioned by Electa especially for this publication.
Each of the three essays investigates a chronological phase: Baroque and Rococo, by Angela Griseri, Neoclassicism by Roberto Valeriani, Historicism by Enrico Colle. The same series includes the volumes Empire furniture in Italy and Baroque furniture in Italy

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