Arts&Foods Rituali da 1851

curated by Germano Celant


€ 60,00

The Universal Exposition, 'Expo', will take place in Milan from May 1 to October 31, 2015 hosting 130 thematic areas as well as numerous ngo's and associations. The theme of this edition of Expo is "Feed the Planet. Energy for Life". For this occasion, the company responsible for organizing Expo 2015 has allocated a themed area which will host "Arts & Foods", a huge exhibition curated by Germano Celant, organized jointly with the Milan Triennale and with a layout designed by Italo Rota.

The exhibition, which will unfold in the areas within and around the Milan Triennale, will focus on the many kinds of visual, sculptural, object-oriented and environmental languages which, since 1851, when the first Expo exhibition took place in London, until today, have centered on food, nutrition and convivial experiences. A global overview of the intricate weave of elements of esthetics and design which have affected the rites of eating, like the dining-room, the market, food for travel, from picnics to food for consumption in space, bars and cafés, cooking utensils and machines associated with food, toys for the kitchen, alternative and global food phenomena. An international exhibition which, thanks to the presence of acclaimed masterpieces, marches across the avant-garde art movements from Impressionism to Cubism, from Futurism to Surrealism, from Pop Art to Fluxus, bringing us right up to contemporary art. To do so it will resort to various media – architecture, design, the cinema, photography, literature, music and television¿ – thus enabling us to travel through time, from the past to the present, at every level of expression, creativeness and communication from every cultural area.
For the occasion, an exhaustive publication with be produced in two editions (Italian and English), with graphics curated by the Irma Boom Studio, containing about 50 essays by authors of international renown and several hundred images illustrating the topics and languages covered by the exhibition.

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paperback with flaps
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