Maurizio Damiano

Antico Egitto Lo splendore dell'arte dei faraoni

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A complete panorama of Egyptian art, from its earliest manifestations up to the time of the Roman Empire, divided into chapters on both a chronological and a geographical basis.

Studies on the art of ancient Egypt are constantly evolving, not only thanks to new theories, but also thanks to continuous new discoveries that permit greater comprehension of the thought and the artistic impulses of the people of the pharaohs. Therefore the time was right for a new book on Egyptian art, featuring famous masterpieces and new finds, recent theories and splendid images.
The illustrations are the book’s main focus. Many works opt for complete texts and limited imagery, but this volume leaves room for the Egyptians to express themselves, through their magnificent works. The images are accompanied by texts describing the works in detail, and outlining their history.
In a long journey across the millennia, an overview of the art of ancient Egypt, from its roots in the darkness of prehistory, to the birth of the pyramids, the artistic and historical “mystery” of the Sphinx, the statues and visages of the pharaohs, the nobles, or ordinary people; and the treasures of the New Kingdom – Akhenaton, Tutankhamon, Ramses II – al the way to the final manifestations, connected to the Greeks and the Romans.

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