Gianni Borgna, Miriam Mafai, Roberto Carvelli, Patrizia Briguglio

Amo Roma perché Le trasformazioni culturali dal 1993 al 2005

photographs by Mimmo Frassineti

Amo Roma perché
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An act of love towards the most beautiful city in the world, recounted and photographed in a truly original way.

(Why I Love Rome) This volume has a preface by Rome’s Mayor Walter Veltroni, and contains an interview with Gianni Borgna, Councillor for Cultural Policies, by journalist Miriam Mafai. 1992-2005: twelve years that changed the conception of Rome, its culture and its sites. Amo Roma perché takes readers on a journey through this city that has regained its former energy and sees the future in a new light. Mimmo Frassineti’s photos and Roberto Carvelli’s texts reveal what is new and what has been renewed in the capital. Recent excavations and finds, museums that have reopened, initiatives, piazzas that once again attract the crowds and countless events, and monuments restored to their former glory. This metropolitan journey, which also takes in the suburbs, draws a cultural map of Rome – which had not benefited from such systematic planning and attention for years – and is recounted from a personal standpoint. The aim of this highly informative volume filled with fascinating facts is to find out what lies behind the successful synergy that has made the Eternal City one of the most prestigious international destinations, enabling it to emerge from the stasis of former years to become a top tourist attraction.

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