Massimo Cacciari

Adolf Loos e il suo Angelo

Adolf Loos e il suo Angelo

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The new edition of the essay by Cacciari on Adolf Loos, including the Italian transcription of two issues of the magazine "Das Andere", published by Loos in 1903.

[Adolf Loos and his Angel.
“Das Andere” and other writings]
Twenty years after its publication in the series Architectural Documents (1981), the essay by Massimo Cacciari on Adolf Loos is reprinted in a new line of books, in a revised version. In particular, the reproductions of the pages of the magazine “Das Andere”, of the “Appeal to the Viennese” and “On the tomb of Adolf Loos” by Karl Kraus have been replaced by the Italian transcriptions of the texts.
Cacciari’s essay focuses on the relationship connecting Loos and Karl Kraus, two great figures of Vienna’s greatest cultural era. The respect for tradition, the disdain for the superficial practices of his contemporaries, both key themes in the thought of Loos, are reviewed here in confirmation of the originality of his work in the panorama of premodern experimentation.
The second part of the book contains the transcription of two issues of the magazine “Das Andere”, published by Loos in 1903, and of the writings indicated above; they are followed by translations of the texts that appeared in the Festschrift presented to Loos for his sixtieth birthday. Authors in this anthology include Peter Altemberg, Alban Berg, Karl Kraus, J.J.P. Oud, Arnold Schonberg, Bruno Taut, Georg Trakl, Tristan Tzara, Anton Webern, Stefan Zweig.

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