Vatican Chapels alla Biennale

The Vatican Chapels at the Venice Biennale Architettura 2018 are already a worldwide success

The 2018 Biennale dedicated to architecture sees the début of a Pavilion sponsored by the Vatican, an absolute first curated by Francesco Dal Co, which is already leading the field in this edition.

A novelty which has been widely reported in the world press, from national dailies to specialist magazines, with The New York Times asserting “The Most Surprising Entry in Venice’s Architecture Biennale? The Vatican Chapels”. The chapels have been realised as full-scale architectural works rather than merely as projects or renderings, an innovation that goes beyond its religious significance according to Francesco Dal Co. The Spanish newspaper El Pais emphasises, among other things, the symbolic importance of the Pavilion as an element of continuity in the traditional relationship between the Catholic Church and the greatest architects in history.

Italian newspaper La Stampa reports Ravasi’s observations at the opening press conference on the need to reopen a dialogue between the arts and faith. “A tour of the ten Vatican Chapels can be seen as a sort of pilgrimage, a path through the woods, recognised by all cultures as a place of silence and contemplation, where the light filtering through the branches and leaves fosters reflection”.

The Vatican Pavilion catalogue, available in English and Italian, is published by Electa. Available now in our bookshop at the Biennale and online from 5 June 2018.