Our new Biennale bookshops are ready for #BiennaleArte2022

Electa is presenting the new Biennale bookshops at the Corderie dell’Arsenale, Giardini and Ca’ Giustinian to celebrate the 59 th International Art Exhibition. The many significant contributions carry a shared message on the key role played by reading and books in disseminating the multifaceted and complex contemporary culture explored and showcased every year by the Biennale via the disciplines of art, architecture, cinema, theatre and dance.

Features include a revamped display by Migliore + Servetto Architects at the Corderie, a Leonardo Sonnoli graphic design coordinated with the bookshop at the Giardini and new merchandising designed by international studios (DeValence, A Practice for Everyday Life) but most importantly a whole host of books centred on the topics of the Biennale 2022. Starting with the original and extraordinary Leonora Carrington (who will feature in specific sections at the Corderie and Giardini, and in all the books at Ca’ Giustinian which becomes a ‘themed’ bookshop), visitors will find
written works that speak not only of art and the artists in the exhibition but also of the paths they are developing, centred on gender, identity, the changing body and its language, and on interactions between humans and technology, science fiction, the unreal and on alliances between human beings and other, new and hybrid, species.

The voices of the leading thinkers of our times will be present as too those of the past, in a rich array of books (nearly 2000 titles) which readers can delve into and explore, get lost in and rediscover

Fuelling interaction with readers and visitors is a special Instagram page @electabookshop , which promotes books online while, at the same time, inviting the local population to visit the bookshops and join the initiatives.

For the Art Biennale 2022, Electa is also publishing a Guide to the Pavilions of the Venice Biennale since 1887 in English and Italian, edited by Marco Mulazzani. Narrating the history of the succession of constructions, this update of the ‘legendary’ guide to the pavilions illustrates a complex interaction with events in the 100+ years’ history of the Venice Biennale. The new edition comprises a dossier on the Pavilion of the Holy See, that most recently constructed, in 2018, on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore.