Milan’s Sforza Castle makes its Instagram debut with Electa and friends.

Starting 23rd March a group of students from the Nanni Valentini Art Lyceum in Monza, coordinated by Electa Editore’s digital team, will help run the Instagram account @castellosforzescomilano, dedicated to one of the city’s main sights. The account was created for the exhibition Novecento di Carta and focuses on the castle’s collections through pictures shared by the local community.
Instagram: @castellosforzescomilano
Over 130 thousand pictures have been uploaded to Instagram and tagged #castellosforzesco by the myriad of visitors who experience the castle and its collection every day. A collection which now has a new home and increased visibility ready to involve new audiences who follow the landmark’s social media accounts.
"Milan, the Sforza Castle makes its Instagram debut thanks to the pictures shared by students and budding artists’” ran the headline in the Corriere della Sera newspaper.
Electa’s project, made possible by the close collaboration with the Castle’s administration, offers students the chance to combine school and work through the planning and sharing of content on the new social media platform. Their posts will have to follow three main guidelines: highlight the castle’s thousands year old history, share itineraries to endorse the castle’s museums and extraordinary art collections art, and reward the visitors – the real Instagram stars – by choosing their best pictures to repost on the official account.