Dettaglio tratto dalla copertina di "Cento Gianni Rodari. Cento storie e filastrocche. Cento illustratori", Einaudi Ragazzi, 2019

Gianni Rodari at Lucca Changes 100 Gianni Rodari in Lucca

To mark the centenary of the fabulous Gianni Rodari, Lucca Comics & Games – Changes edition, in collaboration with Electa and Einaudi Ragazzi has organised numerous events to be held between 30 October and 1 November and which can be followed live streamed online.       

Shows, debates, workshops and readings will be attended by some of the leading Rodari scholars together with celebrities from the world of culture, publishing and entertainment, for three days completely devoted to the great master from Omegna. 

From Fantastica to Rodarica | 30 October from 2 pm

The idea of a possible fantastic, to be fixed and studied in its main rules, has many founders and as many followers. Novalis wrote about this in his letters, Gianni Rodari recovered it in the apparatus of the presentation of the Grammar of Fantasy, Gianno Guadalupi and Alfredo Manguel cite it in their Handbook of Imaginary Places, J.R.R. Tolkien dreamed of it in his valedictory address at the University of Oxford, after spending thirty-four years (uncomfortably) occupying the chair of English. Hence it is an uncertain and uncomfortable subject, like fairy tales or homework, so much so that it is often confined to fiction for children, genre fiction or activities that teachers can do with their classes thanks to the Rodarica project, which has put down roots in the various branches of the fantastic. How to do it and how not to do it, its necessity or illusion, are discussed, from various angles and with unpredictable digressions by four authors* who have inhabited and hope to remain for a long time in the various rooms of this imaginary building without doors (if not those of time). In predictable alphabetical order: Pier Domenico Baccalario (the moderator, who actually wastes time), Manlio Castagna (surrounded by his disquieting evil shadows), Davide Morosinotto (accompanied by the orient of La PIù Grande) and Giada Pavesi, one of the most promising Italian authors, who will pull the rug out from under the other three.

The Blue Arrow | 1 November from 9 pm

Ascanio Celestini brings to the stage "La Freccia Azzurra", a tale by Gianni Rodari published for the first time in 1954 with the title “Il viaggio della Freccia Azzurra” and republished with the definitive title in a new edition ten years later. Set in Orbetello, it tells of a rather stingy and sour old hag, almost a baroness, who gives gifts only to those who can afford them, and of a child, Francesco, forced to work by poverty, and a series of toys that come to life and have real feelings.