Il sogno di Chagall

Chagall’s Dream. Art, Theatre and Music

A number of events dedicated to the Marc Chagall. Come nella pittura così nella poesia exhibition

Chagall’s dream is expressed in the large canvases in the last room of the Mantua exhibition, painted for the Moscow State Jewish Theatre and now exhibited in Palazzo della Ragione.

A feast of colours where theatre, dance and music reign, combined in a painted celebration of all art forms.

These same artistic expressions will enliven a number of events conceived to enhance and enrich the exhibition: the canvas is brought to life by dance performances, piano recitals and films. A special focus on the Jewish culture offers fresh insight into the masterpieces in the exhibition. The rich programme is an excellent excuse for an evening visit to the charming Palazzo della Ragione in Mantua.
Sunday 14.10.2018 at 7 pm

Exhibition opening
at the Tempio Norsa synagogue
of the Mantua Jewish community, Via Govi 11
Until 14 December

Jewish inspiration for the exhibition
for Marc Chagall
in the Mantua synagogue

Exhibition presentation by
Emanuele Colorni and Giovanni Pasetti
Saturday 27.10.2018 at 9 pm
Palazzo della Ragione

Rotsoge 324
Dance performance

Choreographed and directed by
Chiara Olivieri – COD danza
with Ginevra Ageli, Marco Bissoli, Carlotta Graffigna,
Chiara Olivieri, Debora Scaldolara
Costumes by Petro Mattioli
Friday 2.11.2018 at 9 pm
Palazzo della Ragione

L’acqua, la luna e i favolosi sensi

Sandro Cappelletto narrates Debussy
Leonardo Zunica, piano
Wednesday 14.11.2018 at 9 pm
Palazzo della Ragione

Further analysis by Stefano Patuzzi
Ordinary member of the Italian Association of Jewish Studies
President of the Jewish Cultural Association

“Man Tovà - La città della manna buona”
Chagall e la musica, o del cromatismo ebraico

Saturday 24.11.2018 9 pm
Palazzo della Ragione

Vitebsk e dintorni
In-depth look at Jewish music

Trio di Mantova
Paolo Ghidoni, violin
Antonio Mostacci, cello
Leonardo Zunica, piano

D. Shostakovich, Piano Trio No. 2 in E minor, Op. 67 – movements III and IV
A. Copland, Vitebsk Study on a Hebraic melody
P.I. Tchaikovsky, Trio, Op. 50 “In memory of a great artist”
Wednesday 28.11.2018 at 8.45 pm
Teatro Bibiena

Mozart: l’altra musa di Chagall

Umberto Benedetti Michelangeli, conductor

W. A. Mozart, Ouverture, The Magic Flute K 660
L. V. Beethoven, Symphony N. 6 in F major, Op. 68 “Pastoral”
Thursday 6.12.2018 at 9 pm
Palazzo della Ragione

Infinitamente… Bella

Two-voice reading by Federica Restani and Mario Palmieri
Adapted and directed by: Mario Palmieri
Tuesday 11.12.2018 at 9 pm
Cinema del Carbone

Der Dibuk
by Michal Waszynski, Poland, 1937, 123’

Original version with Italian subtitles
Presented by Giovanni Pasetti and Andrea Ranzato
Sunday 16.12.2018 at 9 pm
Palazzo della Ragione

Le travail du peintre

Ensemble Nonsoloeolo
Leonardo Zunica, piano
Alexandra Zabala, mezzo-soprano
Diego Fusari, readings
D. Milhaud, Poémes Juifs, for voice and piano
F. Poulenc, Travail du peintre, for voice and piano
M. Ravel, Trois Melodies hébraïques, for voice and piano
Libby Larsen, Blue Windows - after Chagall (2006)
For wind quintet and piano
Gabrio Taglietti, New commission (2018)
F. Poulenc, Sextuor, for wind quintet and piano
in collaboration with Liceo Musicale Isabella d’Este
The events at Palazzo della Ragione are subject to reservation (tel. 800 085 992) and purchase of an exhibition ticket on the same day.
The events at Palazzo della Ragione will be followed by a special guided tour of the exhibition with Giovanni Pasetti.