Sette Stagioni dello Spirito, 2013-2016 7_Terra dell’ultimo cielo, 2016 installazione ambientale, dettaglio © Gian Maria Tosatti

Gian Maria Tosatti

Last few days of a Gian Maria Tosatti exhibition at the MADRE museum in Naples entitled the “Sette Stagioni dello Spirito”. From 2013 to 2016, Gian Maria Tosatti used the whole city of Naples as potential workspace. The artist (Rome, 1980) sees the city as a double, an analogy of the spirit in which the human being’s inner forms are developed as a concrete composition. The exhibition aims not only to revive the memory of this experience, condensing it into a unitary perspective, but also to give it a further dimension, reconstructing the “behind the scenes” process and enabling visitors to explore its overall development and intimate dimension.