Conversazioni di archeologia in Palazzo Altemps

13 Jun 2018

To mark the twentieth anniversary of the opening of Palazzo Altemps’s museum (1997-2017) the Museo Nazionale Romano, in collaboration with Terra Italia Onlus, is hosting Conversazioni di archeologia, a series of lectures inspired by the pieces displayed in Palazzo Altemps’s museum.

13 june 2018
Museo Nazionale Romano – Palazzo Altemps
Via di S. Apollinare, 8 – 5 pm.

Domenico Palombi
M. Claudius M. f. / consol / Hinnad cepit (CIL I2 608 ): Marcello e Cerere tra la Sicilia e Roma

The wealth of historical and epigraphic evidence on the career and honours paid to Marcus Claudius Marcellus – five times consul and renowned general – invites reflection on the strategies underlying the works he undertook in Rome to celebrate his achievements, as the Roman Republic expanded its empire into the sphere of the Mediterranean. The identification of the rightful site on the Oppian Hill for one of Marcellus’ dedications (the lost CIL I2 608)– for a statue which formed part of the spoils from the conquest of the Sicilian town of Enna in 214 BC – allows us to formulate a number of hypotheses on the religious policies of the conqueror of Syracuse, in terms of both the active encouragement of the cult of Ceres in Rome and the meaning and destination of the exceptional spoils of war Rome gained from its conquest of Sicily.

Luogo Rome
Data 18 July 2018
Orario 17.00
Marchio Electa

  • Palazzo Altemps

    curated by Matilde De Angelis d’Ossat, Alessandra Capodiferro