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Conversazioni di archeologia in Palazzo Altemps

07 Mar 2018

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To mark the twentieth anniversary of the opening of Palazzo Altemps’s museum (1997-2017) the Museo Nazionale Romano, in collaboration with Terra Italia Onlus, is hosting Conversazioni di archeologia, a series of lectures inspired by the pieces displayed in Palazzo Altemps’s museum.

7 March 2018, 5pm.

Lorenzo Calvelli

Le “laminette dei Colombi”. Su alcuni falsi epigrafici in circolazione nel Settecento

A host of European and Italian museums, including the Museo Nazionale Romano, holds a series of bronze foils all bearing similar texts and abbreviations which find no validation in any ancient source. Given these anomalies historians have long doubted the foils’ authenticity. The leading theory is that these are counterfeits, forged in Tuscany during the 18th century, inspired by ancient inscriptions and coins.

Free entrance.

Luogo Roma
Data 7 March 2018
Orario 17.00
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