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La prima reggia di Nerone sul Palatino

12 apr 2019 – 12 apr 2050

Nero’s first palace on the Palatine Hill is being opened to the public for the first time. The historian Suetonius described Nero’s great efforts to construct a private palace as scandalous: first the Domus Transitoria, allowing “transit” from the Palatine Hill to the Esquiline, followed, after a fire in 64 AD, by the Domus Aurea – and, indeed, the painting, stuccowork and marbles decorating these spaces were a magnificent foretaste of those of the Domus Aurea.

This extraordinary access forms part of a Neronian visitor route on a central archaeological site that will stretch from the Oppian to the Palatine Hill. Visitors will experience first-hand a real and virtual contact with the Emperor’s building genius and his experimental painted and marble decorations.

Stefano Borghini, Alessandro D’Alessio and Maddalena Scoccianti of the Parco Archeologico del Colosseo led the study and restoration of the monument.


Start date
Friday 12 april 2019

End date
Tuesday 12 april 2050

Parco archeologico del Colosseo
Piazza S. Maria Nova, 53
00186 Roma
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Visits to the monument – admission to which is restricted for conservation purposes – are included in the new Foro Romano-Palatino ticket costing 16 Euros and valid for one day.
The Domus Transitoria can be visited from Friday to Monday.
The ticket includes entry to the Museo Palatino and Criptoportico Neroniano, the houses of Augustus and Livia, the Aula Isiaca with the Loggia Mattei, the Tempio di Romolo, Santa Maria Antiqua with the Oratorio dei Quaranta Martiri and the Rampa di Domiziano.