María Margarita Segarra Lagunes

Born on a farm near Veracruz in Mexico, María Lagunes completed her musical studies and worked as an interior designer before moving to Russia with a scholarship from the School of Beaux Arts to attend the Sixth World Youth Day Festival in Moscow in 1957. It was her first major trip abroad that marked a turning point in her artistic research, together with more travel in the years ahead, including a lengthy stay in Paris on a special sculpture scholarship she was awarded in 1966. Here she met André Bloc, among others, with whom she held conversations on habitable sculptures, and Ossip Zadkine, another great mentor of hers. Her house also became a meeting point for Mexican artists and intellectuals then staying in France. From this generous openness to the world and her strong attachment to her origins stems, as with other great artists, the fusion between her European formation and the memory of a national identity that emerges strongly in all her works.

  • Temporalità e permanenza

    curated by Rita Paris, María Margarita Segarra Lagunes

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