Mimmo Jodice

Mimmo Jodice (b. Naples, 1934) is considered one of Italy's great photographers. An avant-garde photographer since the 1960s, with a weather eye to experimentation and the expressive possibilities of photographic language, he has been a tireless protagonist in the cultural debate that has led to the growth and subsequently the affirmation of Italian photography at home and abroad. In 1980, he published Vedute di Napoli (Views of Naples), which marked a turning point in his language and contributed to a new vision of the urban landscape and architecture. He has had solo exhibitions in leading national and international museums. In 2003, the Accademia dei Lincei awarded him the prestigious 'Antonio Feltrinelli' prize, the first time it had been given to Photography.

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    Mimmo Jodice

    photographs by Mimmo Jodice

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