Steve McDonald

For as long as he can remember Steve McDonald has been a globetrotter. In 1979 his family moved from Canada to the Middle East and since then he has lived in Saudi Arabia, Italy, India, Indonesia and has travelled most of the globe. However, for most of the past two decades Canada has been his home base. He has made it his mission to explore his homeland as much as possible whether by car, bus, helicopter, canoe, boat or simply hiking. It doesn't matter where in the world he is or how he got there, Steve just has a knack for delving into the local colours, architecture and outlines. His creative process is based on observation, sketches and photographs which he frequently uses during the elaboration phase. He also draws inspiration from the work of famous photographers. The first step for him is to trace an outline, either on the computer or by pencil. Despite using a wide range of techniques, including acrylics, watercolours and colour pigments, his favourite tools remain pen and ink. When he's not immersed in the details of his creations, he can be found surfing or cross-country skiing through Ontario's beautiful countryside, which by now has become home. Having earned his degree at Ontario University, College of Art and Design, his work has been exhibited in a multitude of galleries and has been featured in documentaries and publications. Many of his pieces are part of private or company collections or can be found online at