Leonardo Cecchi

Un respiro lungo e via

Un respiro lungo e via

"I'm at the airport. I'll admit it, I'm excited. I'm leaving for LA. I've already got a part in a film, and that is just the start.... No, my dreams haven't come true yet, I'm still working on it. How about you?"

Ever since he can remember, Lorenzo has dreamed of being an actor. As a high schooler in Turin he is taking his first steps towards his dream with dancing, singing and acting classes. But things don’t always go as planned. His best friend distances himself just as Lorenzo develops his first crush and needs his advice. He also discovers that the path to stardom is full of obstacles, new challenges and difficult situations. As he continues his academic career Lorenzo has his first experiences in the theatre, falling for the magic of the stage and learning to deal with unexpected difficulties and risks. He tries to break into the television scene but he never hears back after his first audition and the second one is equally traumatising. But the third time’s a charm and he gets a part in a tv series for teenagers. So, Lorenzo joins the cast, juggling school in Turin and filming in Milan. On set he meets, and slowly falls in love with Valentina, a youtuber addicted to social media, a restless girl who will make their relationship a constant whirlwind of emotions. With everything going on Lorenzo, who throws himself into body and soul into everything, risks falling to pieces.
Finally, with the help of his friends, he understands that being true to himself, and believing in what he does is the most important thing, especially during hard times. After all his dream is just beginning.

14 x 21
hardcover with coloured dust jacket
Year of publication