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Toyo 1 to 200 Architettura come processo

Toyo 1 to 200
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At the Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo (MAXXI) in Rome, Toyo Ito illustrates the remarkable architectural process, from the creation of the scale model to the building's insertion in a real setting.

Three actual projects are presented in a single installation in which Ito uses technology to create apparently impossible effects. 1 to 200_architettura come processo is an installation – especially designed by Toyo Ito for the MAXXI – which reproduces the landscapes created by his latest projects in Tokyo and Fukuoka in Japan and Torrevieja in Spain, in the small central room of the Rome museum. Thus the architectural process is represented, as the title of the work suggests, from the scale model of the project to its insertion in the actual setting, and even through a vision of how the landscapes will change in time, according to the rhythm of natural and artificial seasons. One “enters into” these projects as if on a journey between the virtual and the real: a sequence of moving images in which the landscapes, a blend of architecture and nature, expand among the objects – 1:200 scale models – and the three-dimensional abstract forms that cover the walls and are reflected on the floor. The airy architectural works, with their sinuous, interwoven configurations, are offset by the optical qualities of the materials – wood, glass, steel, cement – used in complete defiance of any concept of support or gravity. It is an exercise in style executed with great finesse, which expands the limits of a small space, dividing it simply into three precise areas – almost like three mental rooms corresponding to the projects presented.

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