Arata Isozaki, Andrea Maffei

Torre Allianz. Milano

Torre Allianz. Milano
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This volume retraces the design and construction process of the Torre Allianz in Milan. The building is an emblem of corporate architecture of international significance.

Rising to 207 meters at roof level, the Torre Allianz is the tallest skyscraper in Milan and Italy in terms of number of floors (fifty in all).

The elegant tertiary structure was inspired in its modular repetitiveness by the celebrated Endless Column, designed and modelled in multiple versions by the Romanian sculptor Constantin Brâncusi between 1917 and 1937. It is the result of a successful partnership between international creativity and Italian technical-executive efficiency.

Its lucid and restrained styling was fashioned by the famous Japanese master Arata Isozaki in partnership with the Italian architect Andrea Maffei, the structural concept was by the Japanese engineer Mutsuro Sasaki, while Arup Italia and the general contractor Colombo Costruzioni contributed to the development and production of the special curved glass facades and other important solutions and construction details.

The volume is accompanied by a portfolio of selected photographs, offering the reader a plastic representation of the Tower’s architectural quality as well as the functionality of the interior design applied to the benefit of those who work in the Tower every day or visit it during meetings and events. Finally, a section is dedicated to life inside the tower with stories, anecdotes and events involving both the company’s employees and the entire city.

24 x 32
hardcover with dust jacket
Year of publication
Bilingual Italian/English