Francesco Dal Co

Tadao Ando Volume 1 1969-1994

Tadao Ando
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A fine slipcase containing Electa's two Tadao Ando books. An outstanding record of the Japanese architect's work.

A fine slipcase containing Electa’s two Tadao Ando books. An outstanding record of the Japanese architect’s work. The volume 1 contains a selection of Tadao Ando’s writings and an anthology of the leading critical essays on his work in Japan and the West. The volume 2, published on December 2010 contains a catalogue of his works and a selection of his most striking projects, including the Museum of Gojo Culture (1995), the Himeji City Museum of Literature, library and archives (1996), the museum and restyled seafront in Kobe (1996), the Church of Light Sunday school in Osaka (1999), the Daylight Museum in Shiga (1998), the Komyo-ji Temple in Saijo (2000), the Pulitzer Foundation in St Louis, Missouri (2001), the Toyosaka Library (2000), the Nishitonami-gun camera museum (2000), the International Library of Children’s Literature in Tokyo (2002), the Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (2001), 21_21 Design Sight in Tokyo (2007). Tadao Ando’s work highlights the inadequacy of our interpretational tools by which our minds are unable to embrace the Eastern vision of the cosmos as a close fusion of order and chaos. Mental approaches that cannot be reconciled with Western thought processes and a concept of time that is closely bound to the manifestations of the natural world are just some of the features of Ando’s most brilliant works. Texts and introductory essays edited by Francesco Dal Co. Sketches, drawings and an abundance of illustrations (more than 1500 b/w and colour illustrations) accompany the two volumes.

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