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Sport in Style Colmar

Sport in Style
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Past and present, mountains and city, technique and style. Two souls in one story.

With its mix of unusual influences and combinations, a style called sporty is today riveting attention more than ever in the media around the world: technical elements that once belonged to the sports world are pervading everyday clothing and creating a new style – sporty. The aim of this book is to relate how sport has influenced fashion over the years, reflecting the Colmar style: a brand that anticipates, dictates, and interprets the trends of the moment. An emotional journey through images of yesterday and today – all Colmar’s uniqueness emerges from the company’s historical archives. Founded in 1923, the company has a lot to tell. Passion for sports is now a source of inspiration. In these pages you will see how the almost centennial history of the company can also be a diary of the near future. Because fashion invents, breaks the mold, but then draws on its origins for new ideas and reinvents itself. Colmar has left its mark on the ski slopes but it did not stop there. Nowadays, sport is a part of daily life, and it lives in the everyday lives of those who wear its garments, in the mountains as in town. Synonymous with Italian quality, tradition, functionality and style – few companies have remained so true to their origins.

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