Richard Meier
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A new volume on the American architect Richard Meier. A complete monograph that retraces the most important phases of his activity in chronological order.

For the Modern Architects series, a new volume on the American architect Richard Meier. Introduced with an essay by one of the most prestigious names in the field of architectural history, this complete monograph retraces, in chronological order, the most important phases of his activity , from the early projects for private homes and residential buildings – including the two large complexes Twin Parks in the Bronx and the Bronx Developmental Center – to recent works of great importance constructed in the United States and various countries in Europe, including Italy. The latter group includes works like the Getty Center in Los Angeles, the B> Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, and the Dives in Misericordia church in Rome, presently under construction, which stands out as a luminous presence at the center of an open space, surrounded by the looming buildings of the city’s periphery. Meier is one of the five architects belonging to what the curator of MoMA New York, Arthur Drexler, hailed at the beginning of the 1970s as a new “New York School”. The “Five Architects” never formed a true group, though they shared an urge to inject new life into the modern tradition and to come up with an alternative to the “gray” architecture that then dominated the East Coast scene.

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