Massimo Curzi

P+F Aldo Parisotto Massimo Formenton architetti. Works

curated by Eleonora Grigoletto

P+F Aldo Parisotto Massimo Formenton architetti. Works

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“Our architecture always springs from the people who will inhabit it – as if it were generated from inside and the starting point for the design were the interior, its innermost spaces, and not the outer box. […] We design buildings to be used and experienced, imagining those who will walk around inside them, touch the surfaces and breathe in their light. We design spaces for universal human activities: thinking, resting, working, socialising, creating and loving.” (Aldo Parisotto, Massimo Formenton)

This volume is the third monograph describing and recording Parisotto + Formenton Architetti’s 30 years in the business. Aldo Parisotto and Massimo Formenton’s design approach is a daily activity conducted with enthusiasm in all fields of design, architecture and retail. The design spheres pursued by the two architects prove tenacious commitment and a profession – in the original sense of the word – practised with measure, simplicity, equilibrium and expertise – always open to the needs of the individual client. Private homes, urban projects, design objects, retail projects, the refurbishment of historic buildings and yacht design are seamlessly juxtaposed, revealing the true essence of this office which sees design as a quest for expression and a mission to produce beauty and solutions that will improve everyday life. This journey also brings out the satisfaction of working well and a sense of lightness: iconic designs alternate with other more irreverent ones, institutional projects with ones born out of an encounter with a friend or a likeminded soul.

This book presents critical texts by Massimo Curzi and a foreword by Francesco Dal Co; the space between illustrations, suspended like thoughts, are filled with short, themed pieces and sometimes citations that accompany readers on a photographic journey intentionally recorded by different photographers, each one capturing the subjects with different tones, angles and balances. The succession of projects remains true to their timeframe but also features consistent and similar colour combinations – the study of colours and materials being a core part of Aldo Parisotto and Massimo Formenton’s work.

Photos: Helenio Barbetta, Denise Bonenti, Studio Borlenghi, Giulio Ghirardi, Gennadii Kravchenko, Mads Mogensen, Alberto Strada, Leo Torri, Paolo Utimpergher and Koen van Damme.

24 x 27
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Bilingual Italian/English