Nivola scultore

curated by Carlo Pirovano

Nivola scultore
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In the splendid setting of Forte Belvedere in Florence, a unique opportunity to enjoy the sculptural works of the great Sardinian artist.

An important exhibition on Costantino Nivola in the splendid setting of Forte Belvedere, featuring about 70 sculptures from the collection of his heirs, the Fondazione Orani, the Galleria d’Arte Moderna of Milan and private collections, illustrates all the eclecticism and versatility of the artist, through his most famous works. From the great Mothers in white marble to the Male Figures with Cubist connotations, and the fantastic figures of the Sardinian Workers: all the phases of the creative activity of Nivola from 1953 to the last years of his life. Born in Orani (Nuoro), son of a mason, he learned his father’s craft as a boy, modeling plaster and making stucco work. His great expressive talent brought him to the United States, where he developed a new technique in his preparations of sculptural decorations for plazas and buildings: sand casting. In the 1960s he began to experiment with different types of materials: terracotta, marble, wood, bronze. With deep roots in the great Mediterranean tradition, but in continuous dialogue with international modern trends, Nivola (1911-1988) was constantly focused on the pursuit of pure, essential form, as can be seen in the monumental sculptures in white marble, and in his simple volumes. The catalogue contains photographs of the artist and illustrations of the works in the exhibition. Introductions by Carlo Pirovano and Fred Licht guide us through the career of Nivola the sculptor. The volume concludes with a chronological table.

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