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Mister Amarone Un uomo e un vino dal Veneto al mondo

Mister Amarone

"I was born into a family of winegrowers in the Valpolicella and identify with the land of Amarone. For us Amarone is more than just a wine or a technique, it's a philosophy, an art, a life companion." Sandro Boscaini

Amarone is a wine rooted in two thousand years of history, an outstanding Italian product that has made a name for itself across the globe.
Sandro Boscaini is not only a famous producer, but also the wine’s most eminent ambassador. As such he is affectionately known as ‘Mr. Amarone.’ Founder and chairman of the eminent Masi Agricola winery, he reveals traits typical of certain Venetians, who reconcile their attachment to the land with their vision as enlightened merchants. In this sense he speaks for a tradition that can be traced back to the Most Serene Republic of Venice.
This book is the portrait of a man of great communicative skill who is passionate about what he does. It also describes the environment in which a family concern has developed in the course of time to become one of Italy’s most acclaimed wine producers. The tale told traces the time-honored history of winemaking in the Valpolicella, with a special focus on the specific contribution of seven generations of the Boscaini family: from the typical farmhouse with the attics where the grapes are dried for several months before pressing to today’s modern cellars.
Yet this is not only the story of the slow transformation of traditional rural life into modern agricultural business, but also an account of how a local product, Amarone, has been turned into one of the world’s most exclusive wines.
Once produced by just a handful of traditional families in the Valpolicella Classica area, Amarone is a “modern wine with an ancient heart” that has made a major name for itself on international markets, attracting huge critical acclaim and delighting oenophiles worldwide with its amiable originality.

14 x 21
hardcover with coloured dust jacket
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