Mauro Galantino Opere e progetti

curated by Silvia Milesi

Mauro Galantino

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Mauro Galantino is one of the most cultured, rigorous and prolific Italian architects of the generation which succeeded the maestros of the Tendenza movement.

This first monography dedicated to the man and his works presents about forty projects and completed works chosen from a huge body of work produced over a twenty-year period. An illustrated account of 128 works testifying the sweeping scope of commissions that range from small private projects to vast public works, including over 60 projects for as many national and international competitions.

Galantino’s commitment to challenging the fundamental disciplines of his trade and the Modern tradition in an obstinate search for a hallmark style able to blend spatial forms, the sociology of living and construction logic, has led him to use his professional work, his teaching and the critical analysis of contemporary works as essential tools for the construction of a complex composite logic.
His designs and sketches reveal how he uses graphics as a language to express his thoughts and theories until they amount to complete volumes, works that foreshadow the completed construction with unerring precision. The book examines Galantino’s projects for competitions in chronological order, from the redesigning of Piazza Fontana in Milan to the recently-won commission for the new gateway to Venice, demonstrating his development in the predominant use of forms and shapes that also seeks to harmonise with other transversal disciplines.
Viewed by similarities in type his projects for competitions, which have frequently gone on to be built, such as the Remembrance Museums for the Fossoli and Rivesaltes concentration camps, the residential complexes at Florence, and Ugnano and Sanpolino at Brescia, the parliament and administrative buildings in Berlin and Vienna, the churches of S. Ireneo in Cesano Boscone and Des Lilas in Paris, the Bishop’s cathedral in Modena, the schools in Arezzo, S. Giovanni Valdarno and Arcore, all confirm his solid background in architectural theory that never loses sight of the sociological and political impact of the discipline.

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