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Marco Cornini. Wonder of Love

Marco Cornini. Wonder of Love

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Among the most recent exponents of a long Italian and specifically Lombard tradition, Marco Cornini possesses a great manual and craft wisdom that finds its most immediate references in artists such as Martini and Sironi. It enables him to give body to his sculptures, often modelled in terracotta and then coloured. Born in Milan in 1966, Marco Cornini graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. Discovered at a very early age by Mario De Micheli, he continued to receive an outstanding critical response, establishing himself as one of the most widely recognised figurative sculptors of his generation. Obsessed with form, Cornini conceives his works as variations on what we could define as a single theme: the wonder that overcomes us before the world when for the first time we open our eyes to it and of which love can only be the highest expression.

The volume is a catalogue of the exhibition presented at Pietrasanta from 1 July to 18 September 2022, with as its backdrop a number of different locations in the city. It testifies for the first time in an exhaustive way to the artist’s commitment also to the large format of polychrome bronzes. It also again proposes the true leitmotif of his whole output, namely the female figure, often captured in its sensuous nudity and which, in the reworking of the same type, seems to provide a frame of reference for the archetype from which every woman descends.

Bilingual Italian / English edition. Translations by Gordon Fisher, Liquid Translations, Glasgow. The texts of the Critical Anthology are translated into English by Donatella Esposito for Liquid Art System.

24 x 28
hardcover with dust jacket
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Bilingual Italian/English