Luca Masia

Luigi Nocivelli La vita oltre le imprese

Luigi Nocivelli

A highly cultured man, who saw the bigger picture, put people centre stage in his life and used two of his greatest qualities to forge a career as one of Italy's top entrepreneurs: his razor-sharp modern mind and his old-fashioned heart.

Luigi Novicelli, Angelo and Lina’s firstborn son, started his career as a mechanic with his father in Verolanuova near Brescia, in the same workshop that would one day become Ocean. Given the tough competition Ocean ended up with little to no business, but Luigi didn’t give up and alongside his brother Gianfranco they start out in the refrigeration business, with immediate success. But Luigi’s entrepreneurial spirit drove him on to pursue his old dream of re-launching the Italian electro mechanics industry, so he took over Ercole Marelli, a major player in the field based in Sesto San Giovanni. However the social and financial crisis of the seventies created a difficult climate which culminated in 1980 with the assassination of the head of personnel Renato Briano by the terrorist group Brigate Rosse. Inflation, chaos and social unrest did the rest and Ercole Marelli was forced to close in 1981. Luigi Nocivelli returned to Verolanuova and decided to add air conditioning units, washing machines and stoves to the family company’s freezer production business. This was the start of a twenty-year climb to the top, which led to the acquisition of various Italian and international brands, building up to a household appliance empire. For half a century Luigi Nocivelli ran his companies with dedication, skill and hard work, determined to build a great industrial empire, a leader in the household appliances industry. His eyes always scanning the horizon and his feet always planted firmly on the ground.

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hardcover with coloured dust jacket
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