Luca Crocicchi Leopardiana

curated by Giovanna Maria Carli

Luca Crocicchi
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Luca Crocicchi paints a poetic world based on the most diverse imaginary forms, painting that it is difficult to categorize in a specific movement and which has caught the interest of the most illustrious art critics.

An elusive, shy person, Crocicchi was born in 1958 in Cantagallo, in the Province of Prato, where he still lives and works, dividing his time between the mountains around Prato and Bologna. A fundamental moment in his formation was his encounter with Giovanni Testori in the second half of the 1980’s. This important Italian intellectual was one of the first to sense the intensity of Crocicchi’s painting, and encouraged him in his artistic career, leaving unmistakable marks in his early works. But the absolute originality of his work, and the fact that his abstract lines go beyond classic and traditional models, mean that Crocicchi is a painter in his own right. Sometimes his works have been compared to those of great masters like Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon and Balthus, but, at the same time, he is a very unusual figure and has chosen a truly artistic lifestyle. In the exhibition at the Municipal Museum of Recanati, 19 examples of Crocicchi’s work will be on display, oil paintings covering Crocicchi’s whole creative career. The pictures include portraits, landscapes, and his own personal domestic bestiary: the magical and, at the same time, metaphysical world of a painter with no set place in time. They range from his early works, where Man and the human anatomy are the main focus of his painting, to his more recent works where we can perceive that the artist has evolved radically. They are works in which his sense of color and technical skill merge impressively, they emanate his tender feelings towards the natural universe. But they also hint at the influence of the Old Masters, the post-medieval painters and 15th-century Tuscan painting, having the same dignified quality as Piero della Francesca’s frescoes in the nearby church of San Francesco.

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