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L’arte di sfidare il tempo Eberhard & Co: una grande storia di uomini e orologi

L’arte di sfidare il tempo

1887/2017. The legendary Swiss watchmaker celebrates 130 years of history with a fascinating volume detailing the tale of a family, an industry and a business.

The story of the maison founded by George Emile Georges-Lucien Eberhard in 1877 in the picturesque Swiss village of La Chaux-de-Fonds is a tale of daring marketing and commercial strategies right from its inception, with a worldwide distribution and the large scale production of extremely high quality timepieces destined to invade high-class jewellers and retail outlets all over the world. Page after page, the evolution of the brand is detailed in a superb series of illustrations showing the first pocket watches, the revolutionary chronographs and on to the latest men’s and ladies’ watches produced today.
Embedded in the story is the tale of three exceptional men: a sailor, an aviator and a racing driver, whose paths cross Eberhard’s. Mario Rossetto, commander of the submarine Finzi during the Battle of the Atlantic, Publio Magini, pilot and navigator on the historic Rome-Tokyo flight in 1942 and Tazio Nuvolari, the legendary racing driver. The history of the production of Eberhard watches, complete with the various innovations, patents and new models, traces the story of four generations of inspired entrepreneurs. Against the background of the Belle Epoque, the Great War and the depression of the 1920s in a Switzerland that shared the destiny of the rest of Europe unfolds the story of the Eberhard family, followed by Palmiro Monti, who bought the company in 1969, and his daughter Barbara, who manages it today.
A fascinating journey involving both watches and a study in how a company managed to weather changing scenarios through history.

24 x 31
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