Claudia Conforti, Francesco Dal Co

LABICS: MAST Una manifattura di arti, sperimentazione e tecnologia. / A manufactory for arts, experience and technology


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This is the story of an unusual building called MAST which is unusual for many reasons. First of all, it was conceived by a person who intended to give an example to talented businessmen to meet the needs of society. Secondly, the work was the result of a design contest announced by a private citizen, and the whole process came to a positive resolution, which is quite exceptional in Italy. And last but not least, a young team of professionals formed by Maria Claudia Clemente and Francesco Isidori was offered a chance to accomplish a work which is on an equal footing with other famous buildings recently constructed around the world.

MAST is a multifunctional space. The building hosts a canteen, a café, an auditorium with over 400 seats, a wide exhibition space, a training school, a nursery, a gym, a three floor parking, etc. In this book, readers will discover how Labics could brilliantly integrate so many functions in a single building, the solutions applied to each department, and the architectural decisions. The volume comes with notes by the client, architects, Claudia Conforti and Francesco Dal Co, and also includes wonderful pictures by Gabriele Basilico and Christian Richters, as well as additional drawings of the original project. This volume pays a tribute to those companies that have made the accomplishment of this project possible. Additionally, an unusual feature is given by the art works by Donald Judd, Mark di Suvero, Anish Kapoor and Arnaldo Pomodoro, which were bought and installed in the building before the opening.

30 x 24
hardcover with dust jacket
Year of publication
Bilingual Italian/English