La pittura americana
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Two hundred years of history, four hundred memorable paintings, eighty artists: for the first time a volume on the entire, autonomous development of American painting.
English edition.

[American Painting] From the masters of the era of Independence to the trends of recent years, a surprising history, full of marvelous images, most of them unfamiliar to the European public: thanks to this volume readers and art lovers can be guided in the discovery of a true “continent” of art.
The classical, monumental manner of the early masters, the incomparable marvels of 19th-century landscapes, the prestigious group of the “American Impressionists”, the birth of a painting based on reality (well before the rise of cinema): in its first century of life American painting prepared the way for the outstanding, brilliant series of movements and protagonists of the 20th century, when New York became the world capital of the arts.
One after the next, the intriguing chapters of the group of “the Eight”, the realism of Hopper, the abstract expressionism of Pollock, the research on color and materials during the 1950s, the explosion of Pop Art and metropolitan graffiti combine to create a panorama of extraordinary freedom, of crucial importance for the art and culture of our time.

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